Environmental, Health & Safety Consultancy Services of GEMPL

With globalization, Environment, Health & Safety better known as EHS has acquired a pivotal role in maintaining brand reputation, influencing financial performance and the value of an enterprise. Regulation and compliance have ever since driven the process of EHS. Keeping in mind the dynamic and demanding EHS requirements, Green Era Management offers futuristic, unique & cost effective solutions, which are as follows:-

Environment, Health and Safety Management Compliance Audit

To avail the proven benefits of Health, Environment & Safety practices, GEMPL helps organizations with assessment of EHS regulatory compliance status and Best Management Practices. GEMPL also provides expert assistance in Legal liaisoning process.

Troubleshooting and Design Evaluation of ETP/ STP

This unique service of trouble shooting helps organizations to identify gaps in existing ETP/ STP, if any, thereby saving future costs. GEMPL helps companies to augment existing ETP/ STP through technical evaluation. This is achieved through assessment of wastewater generation, developing Basis of Design document & preparing technical specifications.

Risk Assessment

GEMPL helps companies to evaluate the level of risk and liabilities associated with workplace, man-material management and forecasting cost implications.

Water Audit

Depleting water sources are forcing industries to rethink about innovative ways of water usage. GEMPL helps industries to use water resourcefully, prepare water balance and identify potential options for reducing water consumption, wastewater generation and reuse of treated wastewater.

Capacity Building Training

GEMPL develops customized training modules in EHS Regulatory & Management Aspects, ETP operations/ Maintenance and Trouble Shooting, Fire and Process Safety etc. GEMPL also provides EMS & OHSAS Awareness & Internal Auditors Training.

Laboratory services for Air, Water and Soil

GEMPL has its own laboratory providing analytical services for qualitative and quantitative assessment of air, water, soil and noise. Analytical services include testing of Drinking water, Process water, Effluent, Sewage, Sludge, Solid/ Hazardous wastes, Soil, Oil (Waste/ Used), Metals & Alloys, Chemical substances/ Volatile/ Non-volatile organic compounds, Chemical, Toxic, Hazardous, Organic – Leaks, Vapors, Spills, Dust, Fumes etc, Stack emissions/ Ambient Air quality/ Fugitive Air Quality/ Illumination/ Noise, Ventilation, Heat stress/ Temperature profile.