Fixed Gas Detection


Cirrus is a third generation fixed point infrared flammable gas detector. It has a lifetime factory calibration and is covered by a comprehensive five year warranty.


The Flamgard range of remote detectors for flammable gas have been designed with your problems in mind. Flamgard is available in five models, each designed to meet the precise specification you need.


IRmax is a compact, low power and highly rugged infrared gas detector for monitoring potentially flammable concentrations of methane, butane, propane and many other hydrocarbon gases and vapours.


Nimbus is compact and lightweight but rugged. Maintenance is simple and because it is compatible with Windows CE and MTL611B platforms units can be checked by a single engineer even in hazardous areas.

Sprint V

Reflecting over 30 years experience in flue gas analysis, the Sprint V range is designed to assist heating engineers in the safe installation, commissioning and servicing of boilers and other combustion systems.

TXgard & Flamgard Plus

The Flamgard and TXgard ‘Plus’ range of detectors offer reliable detection of flammable, toxic or oxygen gases with a local display and optional relays. Three models are available to suit all requirements: Flamgard Plus, TXgard Plus and TXgard-IS+


The TXgard range of remote detectors for toxic gas and oxygen have been specifically designed to meet your requirements. The dangers presented by toxic gas and low and high oxygen levels are unique to each installation.


The Xgard range of gas detectors has been specifically designed to meet your requirements. The dangers presented by toxic and flammable gases as well as oxygen deficiency vary with each application.

Xgard IR

Xgard IR is an exposion-proof gas detector which uses a dual wavelength infrared sensor to provide highly dependable detection of hazardous gases and vapours.