Born in 1988, driven by the passion of two brothers, Pradeep and Kishore Degwekar, who saw the need and identified the opportunity, it formed the genesis of what we know as Detection Instruments today. Starting from a very small gala in Bhandup, the business gained traction, and the necessary Technology edge and over the past three decades, has managed to build the reputation of a credible, competent and committed player in the space of Safety and Automation in India. DIPL has constantly grown at a CAGR of 39% and has become one of the largest Companies in India offering safety solutions.

Detection Instruments (India) P. Ltd. (DIPL), an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Company specializes in Design, Manufacture and Maintenance of highly reliable Safety and Automation Solutions.

We are committed to the safety of our customer’s plant and personnel through our reliable solutions and efficient service. Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while consistently providing highest quality solutions.

DIPL has a 100% owned subsidiary for catering to the export markets in the Middle East and south-east Asia. They have exported their systems to such leading Companies as National Petroleum Construction Co., Abu Dhabi; J. McDermott Engineering Co., Dubai; Alstom, Bangla Deshetc.

Our growth lies in Strong Customer Support, the High-end value addition in Design and Engineering, the Cutting-edge Technology, the Alliances with the world leaders in respective technologies, and very important the Competitiveness.

CRISIL has awarded DI-India SE1B rating indicating Highest Performance Capability and High Financial Strength.

The company’s products employ the state-of-the-art technologies such as infra-red absorption, electrochemical sensing, thermal conductivity and catalytic combustion. The detectors are compatible with the latest communication protocols e.g. Modbus, HART etc. The detectors carry approvals from major international as well as India statutory bodies e.g. SIRA, BASEEFA of the U.K., CSA Canada, UL/FM of the US,PESO (CCOE) and DGMS of India. Currently all the product approvals are being upgraded to meet the latest ATEX standards. The electronic control equipment is micro-processor based and software driven, offering ease of operation and interface with other control equipment e.g. PLC or DCS.

Our product range includes a small handheld product for single/multi gas e.g. Gasman or Tetra3 to large fixed systems using hundreds of detectors, control equipment, SCADA and field warning devices.

The company has developed India’s first indigenous CE approved 4-loop analog addressable Fire Alarm Panel which works with Apollo (U.K.) XP-95 & Discovery Detectors, designed to meet British and EU Standards (BS EN54-2:1998) independently tested at ERTL and having extremely fast polling up to 504 detectors through 4-channel.

Our R &D team has developed FTU (Field Transmission Unit) in-house, a device that interfaces objects in the physical world to a control system/SCADA system by transmitting telemetry data to the system. This device is popularly known as, “Aretha” – Smart Gas Controller. It is eight channel microprocessor based Multipoint monitoring, alarm annunciation and data logging system.

Our uniqueness lies in:

  • Diverse Product portfolio with a variety of products in fire, flame, and gas detection systems, including turnkey instrumentation packages and engineering services.
  • Efficient operations with in-house manufacturing technology that is constantly upgraded through continuous research and development (R&D) initiatives.
  • Strong Customer Support.
  • Cutting-edge Technology.
  • Industrial experience of 3 decades.
  • Experienced and competent Manpower.
  • Alliances with the world leaders in respective technologies